Monday, October 4, 2010


Hey everybody, Teague here. I've compiled some of the press-related stuff that we've accumulated, if you're into that sort of thing.

Interview with Teague in CultureDeluxe Magazine

Well, holy shit. Click here to see the three-page spread.

Interview with us at Nerds in Babeland

Teague, Brian, Dorkman and Trey were interviewed by the lovely Stephanie Wooten for Nerds in Babeland. We have a lot of fun and cover a lot of ground, the interview is over an hour long. You can download it here or stream it below.

Interview with Trey at FilmNut

Trey was interviewed about "Ark" and his other projects, including Friends In Your Head, in a nifty video piece over at FilmNut. Apparently he's a likable guy, because his interviewer, Jeff Schubert, followed him home to Down in Front and appeared on our Orgazmo commentary.

Interview with Teague and Ryan at The 3Dots.

Teague and Ryan were interviewed about the show for the 3Dots podcast. Eventually the interview became a semi-drunken conversation about working in the visual FX industry, but perhaps you'll find it entertaining nonetheless.

Down in Front Quotes at Zarban's House of Commentaries.

Zarban is both a man and a myth. The man hides in our forums, protects our children, and occasionally appears momentarily so rumors of his existence never die. The myth is even more interesting: apparently, he also catalogs everything funny that we say. Almost all of our episodes have quotes listed here, and many episodes have several.

My favorite, from The Terminator, is something Brian said.

"Somewhere in this club, Lea Thompson is having sex with a duck."

Review of Friends In Your Head over on PodcastSquared.

PodcastSquared reviews podcasts, and gave us the second-highest rating available. The mark against us? Two hours is too long for a podcast. *shrug*

Shout-Out for Friends In Your Head over on InsideOutcast.

This is really sweet. Three minutes and forty seconds of people saying we're alright at this. (We're professionals at other things, after all.)

Shout-Out for Friends In Your Head over on Couch Surfing.

John over at Couch Surfing included a bit in this episode about Down in Front that is very complimentary.

I've snipped out just that portion if you want to listen to it, it's about six minutes, downloadable here or streamable below.

Thanks sir, really appreciate the shout-out.

We are press whores, if you'd like to get an interview with any or all of us about the show for your magazine, podcast, or online publication, let us know at