Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Amazing Stokes

Hey everybody, Teague here.

Modesty may forbid Trey from coming over to tell you about this, but it certainly doesn't prevent me from doing it: this week he was featured on's Filmnut podcast in an hour-long interview spanning his career and most recent projects, Pink Five and Ark. And, as you might care, a little podcast called Down in Front.

You'll notice that right off the bat the interviewer calls him "Trey - the Amazing! - Stokes," a name that I pulled out of my ass on episode one of this show and have since referred to him as because...well, it's never become less funny to me, and at the very least has a nice ring to it. This is independent confirmation that I do in fact have an influence on the universe.

In related "I apparently have influence on external matter" news, last week the shutting-down of (home of my previous podcast, co-hosted by Chris Hanel and our own Brian, even occasionally Trey and Dorkman) left a very faint but apparently meaningful ripple in the pond of sad internet existence, and podcast directory (and frequent bookmark of us here at DiF) Zarban has taken it upon themselves to actually host the commentaries we did. You can find the Geekza commentaries here, and for a hoot, check out our listings in their memorable quotes section, apparently we're kinda funny. Maybe. On paper.

And in related interview news, in case you missed it, frequent guest Ryan W and myself were interviewed about the show for the 3Dots podcast. Eventually the interview became a semi-drunken conversation about working in the visual FX industry, but perhaps you'll find it entertaining nonetheless.

Edit (9/17/10): John over at Couch Surfing included a bit on today's episode about Down in Front that is very complimentary.

I've snipped out just that portion if you want to listen to it, it's about six minutes, downloadable here or streamable below.

Thanks sir, really appreciate the shout-out.

Edit (9/26/10): Stephanie over at Nerds in Babeland did an awesome interview with us! It's an hour long bit of audio discussing the show, fellatio, and nerd culture. You can download it here or stream it below.

And last but not least, we got a wonderful little shout out from the Red Centre guys on their podcast, episode #51, right at the end. They say nice things about us, and we'll definitely return the favor - for independent film enthusiasts and RED users (or folks interested in RED cameras) their show is a wonderfully produced talk-radio format commentary on the goings on in that beautifully high-rez little slice of the digital film world.

(Dorkman's Note: RED Centre is actually a podcast covering the entire spectrum of digital filmmaking innovations and considerations -- they've covered the Canon 5D and 7D, underwater housings, ARRI digital camera announcements, lenses, workflows, productions, etc. It's not just RED camera news and commentary. The hosts are very talented, experienced, and entertaining creative and technical professionals, so even if you're not particularly interested in RED stuff, anyone interested in a regular look at the state of the art will find it well worth a listen.)

Also, real quick - "down in front" is an expression going back into the 19th century, and yet, when you Google it, the first return takes you here. I'm very, very excited about that.

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